Executive members

Michael G. Cyr – President & CEO

Michael Cyr has been instrumental in LOCWELD`s accomplishments for over 15 years. Throughout his career, he has held such positions as Director of Sales & Marketing, VP Sales & Marketing, Co-President, and is now President & CEO of LOCWELD. Among his attributes, he has excellent skills in negotiation, sales, finance and management.

Michael maintains that leading with transparency and integrity always translates into positive results for the company, our employees, our suppliers and our customers. He leads by example, and his values and corporate vision remains at the forefront of LOCWELD`s success today and will carry us into the future.

Michael holds an Executive MBA from the John Molson School of Business in Montreal.

Terry Gilliland – Executive Vice President – Business Process Management

Terry Gilliland has been with LOCWELD for over 17 years. He was appointed the role of Executive Vice President of Business Process Management in October, 2011. His focus has been on streamlining all aspects of each business unit, ensuring the utmost in project efficiencies and targeting subsequent growth. Over the course of his career, Terry has implemented many IT programs and production frameworks, providing him the opportunity to learn the processes and functioning of all departments within the organization. In 2003, he was promoted to Director of IT and Automation. Reporting directly to the CEO, he focused on making the company more competitive through technological advancement.

His main goal is to ensure that LOCWELD, by leveraging technology, is always in a position to provide the best products possible.

Terry holds an Executive MBA from the John Molson School of Business in Montreal.

Maurice Brunet – Executive Vice President - Operations and Engineering

Maurice Brunet has been with LOCWELD for over 21 years. He has been a pivotal figure throughout our company’s history and was promoted to Executive Vice President of Operations and Engineering in 2011. He is responsible for all operations relating to fabrication, galvanizing, engineering and quality assurance. His main functions include maintaining LOCWELD’s high quality standards, to continuously improve our processes, respect delivery commitments and contribute to the organization with a competitive focus.

Maurice has more than 34 years of specialized experience in the design of transmission line structures. During his career, he has worked as an engineering consultant for multiple manufacturing firms for both transmission line towers and bridge structures. In addition, Maurice is a “Certified Welding Engineer” by the Canadian Welding Bureau and was a longtime member of the ASCE 2010 Committee. (Standards for transmission line design for North America).

Among Maurice’s achievements, he has developed many products over the years that have been patented in Canada.

He has an acute understanding of LOCWELD’s various operations such as estimation, project management, design, project planning, welding and quality assurance to name a few.

Maurice holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science from the University of Sherbrooke (1979).

Pierre Lavoie – Vice-President Finance

Pierre Lavoie joined LOCWELD in October of 2012 and has rapidly become a key player within the Executive Team. His role is to lead the finance, accounting, administration and procurement aspects of the company. Pierre is a CPA, CA and has over 27 years of experience in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, retail and services. Pierre is conscientious as well as being a results-driven individual that you can count on. He is a true leader with a particular flair for Team Spirit. LOCWELD is extremely fortunate to have Pierre on board, and to grow from his experiences and well rounded career.

Deanne Cyr, Vice-President Sales and Marketing

Deanne Cyr has managed successful sales teams for almost 25 years.  While owning and operating a well-known retail business for 13 years, Deanne was elected to the CEO Advisory Board, Franchise Advisory Board, and Quebec Operations Committee.

Following the sale of her business Deanne held the position of Sales and Marketing Director in the real estate industry, specializing in large scale luxury real estate developments. Her accomplishments are largely recognized in the construction and design industries, with her leadership contributing to a number of prestigious awards and widespread media coverage.

Deanne attributes her success to her belief in building and maintaining customer relationships. Her expertise includes customer relationship management, marketing and brand building, public relations, and communication.

Deanne holds a BA from McGill University.

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