5 Advantages of Galvanizing

1- Lowest Long Term Cost

The initial cost may be more than other steel protective coatings but in the long run maintenance costs will be saved because the average life of galvanized steel is over 50 years.



2- Reliability

LOCWELD Galvanization is in accordance with all CSA G164 and ASTM A123 Standards for hot dip galvanizing. Coating performance is reliable and predictable in most cases as material quality can fluctuate.

3- Coating Toughness

A hot dip galvanized coating has a unique metallurgical structure which gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage in transport, construction and service.

4- Automatic Protection for Damaged Areas

Hot Dip Galvanized coatings corrode preferentially to steel, providing cathodic or sacrificial protection to small areas of steel exposed through damage. Unlike organic coatings, small damaged areas need no additional touch ups.

5- Complete Protection

All parts of hot dip galvanized products are protected. No other coating applied to a steel structure or object can compete with the protection and life expectancy of hot dip galvanizing. This process offers unique properties and ensures complete protection of your material.

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