Recommendations for storage and transport

The recommended steps for the reception of galvanized steel in bundles are as follows:

  1. Inspect steel at time of arrival
  2. Open bundles to ensure that wet storage stain did not occur
  3. Do not leave steel inside rail cars under high humidity conditions
  4. If steel is transported by truck, install a tarp over bundles to avoid massive intrusion of water in between pieces
  5. For outside storage yards, rest bundles on wood / lumber (not on soil)
  6. Give a reasonable slope to the bundles to permit drainage of water
  7. Inspect bundles periodically for signs of wet storage stain formation
  8. Inspect bolts periodically for signs of wet storage stain

LOCWELD Galvanization takes the following precautions to reduce the risk of wet storage stain formation:

  • All bundles are made when pieces are dry
  • All bundles are made inside our facility (dry conditions)
  • All bundles are loaded under good atmospheric conditions

In case of formation of wet storage stain on galvanized steel members, the repairs should be made as per standard ASTM A780-93a and as per the following rules:

  • Unpack bundles as soon as possible  and sufficiently space apart
  • Remove loose powder from the affected areas with a stainless steel wire brush.
  • Apply zinc rich paint if appearance is a concern
  • Water spray under pressure can also be used to remove zinc oxide, avoid removing the carbonate layer already formed on top of the zinc ( in the ‘unaffected area’)
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