Utilities and EPCs to Benefit from Faster Delivery of Quality Lattice Towers

Candiac, Quebec: Locweld®, the North American leader in steel lattice transmission tower manufacturing, is pleased to announce an exclusive formal partnership agreement with Valmont® Utility, a division of Valmont® Industries, Inc., a leading producer and distributor of infrastructure products and services.

Together, two industry frontrunners look to deliver the best solution to North American utilities and EPC firms for the design and supply of lattice transmission structures for large scale projects.

Valmont’s lattice tower facility in Halol, India, will act as an exclusive subcontractor to Locweld for the North American market, with combined annual capacity reaching 80,000 tons. Customers can expect the same quality towers from both facilities, with Locweld providing fast deliveries, project management, and logistical planning.

“This partnership was created with the customer in mind. We want every North American utility and EPC company to know they are getting local service,” says Locweld’s President Pierre Lavoie. “Innovating our business model to maintain competitiveness against lower cost overseas lattice manufacturers is vital to our success. Other companies were considered; however, Valmont was the clear choice with similar operations, quality, values, and a sense of mutual trust. This business model will bring a unique and innovative option for major North American lattice projects.”

“It will be a very complementary partnership, as our companies have many things in common,” explains Aaron Schapper, Executive Vice President, Valmont Infrastructure. “Valmont and Locweld are both leaders in utility infrastructure through the quality of the products and services we offer. Being established in our market, we look for continuous improvement and to effectively do more for our customers in the most efficient manner possible. We both engineer and manufacture steel structures that last, and now have the capacity to meet the needs of the market and do it faster.”

“This type of alliance is a first in the North American industry,” says Locweld Vice President of Sales and Estimation Deanne Cyr. “This is a model we are working on together with a long-term vision in mind. We will change the market, and together Locweld and Valmont have the combined capacity to deliver significant volume. The customer will have flexibility for major projects through a combination of domestic and offshore supply. No other lattice tower fabricator will provide faster lead times, nor our level of customer service”.

About Locweld

Since 1947, Locweld is an industry leader in fabrication of steel lattice transmission towers delivering the power essential to energize strong and successful communities throughout North America. Recognized for technical expertise in engineering and design solutions for steel lattice transmission structures, Locweld is an active participant of the ASCE 10 – Design of Steel Transmission Towers Standards Committee of the Codes and Standards Activities Division of the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers. For more information, visitlocweld.com.

About Valmont Utility

Valmont Utility is a global leader developing structures that enable electric power to be transferred from the generation source – power generation facility or renewable source such as a solar and wind production – to the end power consumer. As an industry-leading provider of transmission and distribution poles, transmission towers, substation components and renewable energy generation equipment, and with a global manufacturing network, Valmont Utility excels in supply chain logistics, in service, performance and delivery. For more information, visit valmontutility.com.


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