Bridge structures and decking

LOCWELD’s production layout, overall size and impressive crane capacity has allowed us to compete in the fabrication of steel bridge structures. Our experience includes bridge sections measuring (individually) 147 feet in length and 10 feet high. A protective coating of metalized paint (used occasionally on our towers) can also be used on our bridge structures. A few of our major bridge fabrication accomplishments in the Montreal area include sections of the Champlain (orthotropic decking), Galipeau and Victoria bridges. Another of our accomplishments, the Monk Bridge, was detailed and fabricated by LOCWELD, earning us the ‘’Structural Excellence Award of Steel Structures’’ in 2002. LOCWELD also has significant fabrication experience in providing rail bridges for both the Canadian and US markets. Our welding crew is both CWB W47.1 Division 1 and AWS Division 1 certified. See all our certifications. LINK

What’s an orthotropic bridge deck ?

An orthotropic bridge deck is a section of a bridge structure to which a selected surface (concrete or asphalt) adheres to. These decks vary in length and width depending on location and are used as an efficient replacement tool for both large and small bridge surface areas. The deck sections are highly efficient, both in the fabrication and installation to help meet project schedules.

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