An exclusive innovation of LOCWELD

The LOCWELD ROCK ANCHOR has revolutionized wood pole installations into rock foundations for over 20 years. Designed and tested by a LOCWELD engineer, we are proud of our continued exclusive fabrication experience of this unique product. The ROCK ANCHOR has helped electric utilities, municipalities, telecommunication companies, telephone companies & cable companies alike, realize installation projects throughout North America.

What is the ROCK ANCHOR?

The ROCK ANCHOR is a simple anchoring system that allows the installation of a wood pole in rock based locations. The two models available are the R-9 and the R-12 Series; designed to accommodate any wooden pole, regardless of diameter for both transmission and distribution applications.

The R-9 offers the possibility of a 3, 4 or 5-legged configuration depending of the size of the pole, while the R-12 Series is mainly used for transmission lines which require poles more than 20 inches in diameter.

What are the ROCK ANCHOR benefits?

  • Easy installation in hard to reach locations
  • No costly or heavy equipment needed
  • Low cost solution
  • No explosives required
  • Environmentally friendly

This very robust system allows the base of the pole to remain above grade once installed. In addition, it extends the life of the wooden pole while minimizing disruption to the original rock, hence preserving the solidity of the environment overall.

The LOCWELD ROCK ANCHOR is a revolutionary product making wood pole installations simple.

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