Multidisciplinary services from people who care

LOCWELD is a company in constant evolution that offers a personalized and full-service to all of our business partners. Among all the specialty fields that our team has to offer, we do:


    LOCWELD has over 66 years of extensive design experience, including: Bridges, substation structures, tubular poles and lattice towers (up to 765kV). LOCWELD engineers have been widely recognized as experts in design…


    In the specialized market of transmission tower design, the knowledge and expertise of the detailing support staff that goes along with it is of utmost importance. As it is difficult to find qualified and experienced detailers particular to this industry …


    The LOCWELD team understands very well how critical the delivery component of any job can be. In order to offer the most efficient and cost effective method of transportation, we can ship material by rail, boat or truck. LOCWELD is proud to be accredited…

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