Locweld receive an award

By Hélène Gingras
La compagnie Locweld remporte un prix

Locweld, a company headquartered in Candiac. has been earned an award for the quality of its management and performance. The company has won the Quebec Performance Award – regional distinction.

The award was presented to Terry Gilliland, COO, by the Quebec Quality Movement on behalf of the government and the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. Eleven other Quebec organizations were recognized on this occasion, including five other companies in the same category.

The Quebec Performance Award recognizes the efforts of private companies and public organizations in their quest for excellence.

« All of these organizations have in common the application of the principles of quality management and the implementation of best business practices, » says the Government.

Regional model

Locweld designs and manufactures steel lattice and tubular transmission structures, substations and bridge structures, as well as custom steel manufacturing. The Iberville Avenue company employs approximately 150 employees.

Locweld is recognized for exceptional management and performance based on lean methodology and a culture of continuous improvement. The customers and employees are at the heart of Locweld’s priorities.

The company’s strategic planning leads to concrete actions, including a comprehensive initiative plan, monthly management meetings with a systematic review of the results for each of the performance indicators and associated action plans.

Locweld was recently awarded a $50 million contract with Hydro-Québec to provide steel lattice structures for the Micoua-Saguenay 745 kV line.


Pierre Lavoie, president , in front of the entreprise builing

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